Information for passengers

Service of departing passengers

The passenger is directed to the check-in and baggage drop-off counters, the issuance of boarding passes to passengers by the air transportation organization service.

An employee of the air transportation organization service checks air tickets and identity documents from passengers, gives advice on the rules for passing the inspection and offers to go to the places of passing control checks of hand luggage by technical means of inspection.

Passengers pass into the general inspection area, where the Aviation security service and customs officers inspect passengers, baggage and hand luggage using technical means;

Customs officers located in the general control and inspection zone: inform passengers about the need to prepare customs declarations, passports, bank permits and other documents for customs clearance; advise citizens about the current customs rules, maintain order in the customs control zone; check the correctness of filling in the passenger customs declaration; conduct an oral interview of passengers; if necessary, carry out an inspection of hand luggage and luggage, check the availability of currency and other items or valuables declared in the declaration, check certificates and other documents. Currency, items and other valuables that are not allowed to be exported from the Republic of Kazakhstan during the inspection are processed in accordance with the procedure established by law. In case of violation of customs rules, detection of contraband, or if there are grounds to believe that contraband exists, customs officers act in accordance with existing regulatory legal acts.

Employees of the Border Service of the National Security Committee of the Republic of Kazakhstan check passports to determine the legality of foreigners' stay in the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan, compliance with the visa regime, and also monitor the validity of passenger documents for the right to cross the state border of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

After passing through border control, having received a passport and a boarding pass from the Border Service staff, the passenger is sent to the transit zone. After preparing the aircraft for departure, passengers, accompanied by an employee of the airport's air transportation organization service, under the supervision of a border guard officer, are taken on board the aircraft.

Transit passenger service

When receiving information about the transit flight (flight number, estimated arrival time, number and category of transit passengers) senior shifts of customs, border authorities and airport services, respectively, appoint those responsible for (meeting) the aircraft arriving on a transit flight and instruct.

Border guards give permission for passengers to exit the plane. In order to maintain the border regime prior to the departure of the aircraft, border officials who carry out the registration of an international transit flight remain on board the aircraft (except for foreign aircraft).

After disembarking from the aircraft, passengers, accompanied by employees of the airport's air transportation service and under the control of border authorities, are escorted to the transit hall to ensure border security.

After receiving information about the completion of the registration of departing passengers and the readiness of the aircraft and crew to receive passengers, border guards control the boarding of transit (transfer) passengers in the aircraft.