ASHYQ at the Karaganda International Airport

Dear passengers and visitors of the Karaganda International Airport! 

We inform you that from June 21, 2021, due to the requirements to ensure that coronavirus infection does not spread, admission to the Airport building will be possible only after verification through the Ashyq system. 

Due to possible delays in the process of admission to the terminal building, we recommend downloading the "Ashyq" application in advance before arriving at the airport and checking your status.  In the absence of a mobile application, the status of the passenger /visitor is checked by an airport employee by IIN or by passport number (for non-residents). 

Passengers/visitors with "red" (positive test result) and "yellow" (contact) statuses are not allowed in the terminal. 
You can also check your status by using a neutral QR code on the website: http://ashyq .kz/ or in applications and Halyk. 

Questions about the refund of ticket purchase costs, in case of non-admission to the flight, should be sent to the place of purchase of the ticket, the airport administration is not responsible for not allowing a passenger on the flight due to the status in the Ashyk application. 

Have a great trip!

Checking the status on the site