On arrival to Sary Arka Airport check you flight status information on the information displays or screens and if the check-in is already progress, go to the specified check-in counter. If you are taking an international flight, after the check-in you are to go through safety monitoring, customs control and border control.


To give ample time for all the preflight procedures we advise you arrive to the airport early.
SaryArka Airport
Sary Arka Airport is designed for servicing passengers on both domestic and international flights. In ‘Sary Arka’ Airport check-in counters are located on the second floor in the central part if the terminal. Depending on the type of the aircraft, flight destination and the airline, check-in may commence:
  • 1—2 hours before departure (domestic flights);
  • 3 hours before departure (international flights).
Check-in closes no later than 40 minutes before departure, unless otherwise agreed in the airline contract. Call your airline local office to find out the exact time of beginning and end of check-in.
To check-in submit your ticket, your passport and all baggage. At the check-in counter you receive your ticket with baggage tag claim stub attached, a boarding pass, a passenger coupon of the excess baggage receipt (in case of excess or oversized baggage transportation) and hand baggage.


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