Karaganda airport was found at the February of the 1934 year by the decision of the USSR government in order to provide the connection with auls moved away from the center. The first flights were fulfilled by the PO-2 airplanes, one plane could take 2 passengers or 150-200 kg of the mail. The beginning of the passengers transformation to Almaty comes to the 1937 year, the flights were fulfilled by the PS-9 airplanes. In 1944 the aerodrome was relocated to the region of the New City, in 10 years in the 1954 the building of the official premises. The take-off and landing strip with the synthetic covering was build in 1959.

In 1980 began construction the new airport including modern air terminal complex and the take-off and landing strip also saw day capable to accept practically anyone air a vessel. Construction of take-off landing has been completed rapidly and already on November, 4, 1980 the first liner that IL-62 has made technical landing at the new airport. From now on there was openly regular air communication by planes of type TU154 between Karaganda and the largest cities of former Soviet Union. From the Karaganda Airport flights to Moscow, Leningrad, Sochi, Kiev, Omsk, Baku and many other directions were carried out.
Formation in 1991 of the new Kazakhstan state has showed new requirements to the organization of an air communication with foreign states. Practice developed in the Soviet period when the overwhelming majority of the international flights, it was carried out through the airports of city of Moscow, could not satisfy needs of Kazakhstan for airtransportations and in 1992 to airport “Sary-Arka” have given the status of the international airport under the time circuitlt. It was necessary started the international flights from Karaganda.The basic foreign directions became cities of Germany (Frankfurt on Main, Hannover, Dusseldorf, Stuttgart, Nuremberg), Istanbul (Turkey), Shardzha (the Incorporated Arab Emirates). Also flights to Poland, Pakistan, Syria, Iran were carried out.
As a result of the lead works in 2002 the building completely is entered into operation air terminal complex, by the general area of 30000 square meters. There is a runway in width of 60 meters and in the length of 3300 meters allowing to accept air court of type “Boeing-747”, “Il-86 ”, “TU-204”.
In parallel with changes in geography of flights continued construction of air terminal and on September, 5, 1996 ceremony of official opening of a complex of Airport “Sary-Arka” has taken place.
For today Airport “Sary-Arka” is the modern airport complex having the high technical and operational characteristics, corresponding to the international standards. The airport works in a round-the-clock mode, provides customes, boundary, the sanitary- quarantine control. To services of air passengers a convenient waiting room, a left- luggage office, a medical aid station, a room of mother and the child, restaurant and a prayful rooms.
The shop of an onboard feed works. There is a VIP and a CIP hall. In the halls of an arrival and departure, in a customes equipment (manufactures of the Great Britain and Germany) providing qualitative examination of passengers and luggage is established.   
 From the airport (Kazakhstan), "Russia", "Transaero", " Domodedov airlines ", (Russia), « Turkish Airlines» (Turkey) and others are transported both on internal, and on the international air-lines to cities of Kazakhstan, Russia, Germany, Turkey airlines " Air Astana ", "Tulpar Avia Service ".
On October, 11, 1996 for № 1927-1930-АО the open joint-stock company " the Airport the Sary-Arka" was formed according to the Decision of the Karaganda territorial committee on management of the state property from October, 11, 1996 № 129 with 100 %-s' state participation in the authorized capital of the Company. On December, 30, 1997 the Company has passed a re-registration in judicial authorities in connection with renaming into open joint-stock company " the Airport the Sary-Arka", then the Company on May, 21, 1998 has passed the state registration constituent release of 89.551 simple actions{shares} on a face-value 10.000 (ten thousand) tenge
On July, 22, 2003 the Company has passed a re-registration in judicial authorities, having replaced the name on joint-stock company " the Airport the Sary-Arka" and having increased quantity{amount} declared on 120 simple actions{shares} which in total expression have made 89.671 simple action{share}.
On November, 25, 2005 the Department of the finance of the Karaganda area leads{carries out} the open investment tender on sale of the state share holding of joint-stock company " Airport " the Sary-Arka» at a rate of 100 % of the authorized capital of a society in quantity{amount} of 89.671 simple actions{shares} which winner became Open Company « Sky Service ».
After carrying out of the specified tender from Open Company « Sky Service » the contract of sale and purchase state has been made at a rate of 100 % of a share holding of joint-stock company " Airport " the Sary-Arka». Open Company « Sky Service » at the end of December, 2005 has made payment of 89.671 simple actions{shares} and on his{its} personal account the specified actions{shares} have been enlisted.


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