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Air Agency

 The history of Airport agency dates back to the 90s. At that time, air agency had a monopoly on the sale of airline tickets. Currently in the  market conditions, as well as the division of functions in the implementation and organization of air passengers, airline agency of Karaganda  International Airport has a lot of experience. Our agency is conveniently located in the shopping and business center of Karaganda. Ticket office is equipped with the modern international system of booking and tickets sale  that allows booking and tickets sale to all destinations. Specially trained and skilled staff will help you to choose the best option docking transfer flights. Reservation of tickets and sales of air transfers is 24/7 in two service areas, namely at the airport office and air agency.









The right to sell tickets in Karaganda has more than ten air agencies. However, the agency of  International Airport "Sary-Arka" will offer you a full range of services with regards to air travel.

By purchasing tickets in our agency, you will get discount on the service in the hall «CIP» (deluxe room) on the following:

• Register for flights, weighing and baggage in the area of
​​the hall «CIP»
• Personal support and the support of your luggage and carry-on luggage on the aircraft in a passenger vehicle;
• Personal meeting, meeting of your luggage and carry-on luggage at the ramp and delivery to the airport for passenger vehicles;
• Full information support for your flight;
• Board, sanitary, customs inspection.

Attentive, courteous staff of air agency is waiting for you at:
Bukhar-Zhyrau Str. 29 from 09:00 a.m. to 21:00 p.m.;
Delivers tickets around the city;
Takes orders by phone: 8 (7212) 41-23-16, 41-05-80, 41-04-62, , 77022145382, by E-mail:

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